Firewood Collection

Firewood collection - State Forests 

Permits are not required to collect firewood from state forests provided that wood is taken from a designated collection point. Collection points open from 1 March - 30 June and 1 September - 30 November each year.

Collection point locations and conditions of use can be found at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website or phone on 136 186.

Firewood collection - roadsides and public land

Firewood collection is discouraged on Council managed roadsides due to habitat loss and personal safety. Residents can apply to obtain a Local Law Permit to remove firewood from a municipal roadside, for use in instances where a roadside has high fuel loads (due to storms or other events). Permits will only be issued for use during the two firewood collection seasons: 1 March - 30 June and 1 September - 30 November. These permits are subject to conditions including no felling of standing trees (dead or alive) and restrictions apply to significant roadsides. Note that non-residents of Murrindindi Shire are not eligible to apply for a permit.

Consideration will be given to the conservation of municipal roadside reserves before a permit will be issued.

To apply for a firewood collection permit to collect wood from Council's road reserves, click here or contact Council's Community Safety Unit on 5772 0333.

Firewood collection - National Parks

Firewood collection is not permitted from National Parks, natural catchment areas and other conservation reserves - heavy penalties apply.