Asset Protection Permits

An Asset Protection Permit is required prior to any building works being undertaken, to ensure no damage occurs to Council’s infrastructure.

The permit allows owners and/or builders to transport building materials and equipment across Council’s assets and allows for increased heavy vehicle use on our roads and road reserves.

Council’s infrastructure assets include anything outside the property boundary, such as:

  • roads
  • footpaths
  • nature strips
  • drains and pits
  • kerb and channel
  • signs

An Asset Protection Permit will protect the owner of the site against paying for damage to Council’s assets that existed prior to the commencement of building works. As part of the Asset Protection Permit process, Council’s assets are assessed prior to works commencing.

Inspections may also be undertaken to ensure that the works will be carried out in a safe and reasonable fashion, will not endanger, or impede other road users, and that damage isn’t caused to Council’s assets.

Building works

An Asset Protection Permit is required for any building works, including:

  • demolition works
  • building relocations/house removal
  • works requiring heavy plants and equipment for transport and/or construction purposes
  • major renovations and additions to existing dwellings and buildings
  • any works where building costs exceed the nominated minimum amount of $20,000
  • all new building/construction works including
    • commercial and major developments
    • concrete and fibreglass swimming pools
    • shops and offices
    • dwellings
    • unit developments

Works within a Road Reserve

A road reserve is the area between the property lines, including the nature strip, footpaths and road.

To conduct works within Council’s Road Reserve, including constructing a vehicle crossing or connecting to a drain, you must apply for Council’s consent. You must also apply for an Asset Protection Permit – this can be done at the same time, using a simple online form.

This allows for Council to assess planned construction works, ensure adequate traffic management, adoption of approved standards, ongoing road accessibility, and Asset Protections considerations are in place.

Additional fees apply to works within a road reserve.

For more information on works within road reserves, including additional fees, click here.

Applying for an Asset Protection Permit

To begin your application, please complete the online form below. A fee of $271.30 applies to all Asset Protection Permit applications (not including additional fees applicable for works within a road reserve). Allow at least 10 business days for you application to be assessed.

Apply for an Asset Protection permit