A Building Permit is not required for a front fence up to 1 metre high, as long as it is situated on a standard street.

A fence up to 2 metres high may be permitted on major roads such as highways with a building permit.

Heights, locations and general construction guidelines can be obtained by contacting Council's Building Unit on (03) 5772 0333.

Fencing Disputes

If neighbours cannot agree on a boundary fence between their properties, this becomes a ‘civil’ issue and not a council issue. We suggest you visit www.disputes.vic.gov.au/information-and-advice/fencing which will provide you with the relevant information to help resolve your issue.

Adjoining Property Owner Details

Council can only provide the name and mailing address of adjoining property owners for the purpose of fencing inquiries.

An application for contact details for an abutting property(DOCX, 169KB) must be completed and signed and submitted to council’s rates department.

In response, Council will provide the name and mailing address of the neighbour which can only be used in relation to the fencing matter stated on the application. No other personal information will be provided.