Good Sport Initiative

The Good Sport Initiative

The Good Sport Initiative is a Council project designed to support local sport to return to play

Together with local sporting clubs, state agencies and peak sporting bodies, Council is looking toward the future and planning for the transition to a ‘new normal’. We are backing local sport with the development of a well-informed plan for the growth and longevity of sport across our Shire.   

There are also a range of resources available to sporting clubs that can support the return to play. Take a look at our Resource Bank for links to the various sporting initiatives and support available. 

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Return to Play?

Sporting groups and organisations have responsibilities to be COVIDSafe and ensure a safe return to play. You can contact your State Sporting Association for assistance with your COVIDSafe Plan. For further assistance give Council's Recreation Team a call on (03) 5772 0333.

Inclusive Clubs Workshop

Councils Good Sport Initiative presents 'Inclusive clubs', an online workshop focused on how to increase participation and membership.

In August, Council launched the ‘Good Sport Initiative’, to help boost sport and recreation within Murrindindi Shire by working with local clubs to identify challenges and areas for improvement. Survey results are in and we hear you, participation and membership is dropping and many clubs are working hard to try and draw in new groups. One club noted 'We have been working hard to encourage more females to play golf'. 

Council, together with Valley Sport, have assembled a panel of experts to unpack and discuss the principles of diversity and inclusion and how these principles can help to increase participation in clubs. Join us at 6.30 pm on Monday 7 December via Zoom to explore how you can make your club more appealing to a wider audience.

This FREE online session is open to all sport and recreation clubs in direct response to the results of the Good Sport Initiative survey conducted in August. The session will be interactive and includes local heroes of Murrindindi Shire highlighting how their club incorporated diversity and inclusion innovations and have already seen an increase in membership.  

Help spread the word to all local club boards, committee members, volunteers and coaches to participate in this professional development series.

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Good Sport Development Sessions

In direct response to the results of the Good Sport Survey conducted in August 2020, Council will host a series of sports club development sessions. These free interactive sessions will focus on the key themes identified through the survey - participation and membership, volunteer recruitment and retention, marketing and promotion, and grants. 

Clubs who participate in two Good Sport Development Sessions or equivalent over the coming months will be eligible to receive a $500 grant toward club operational costs. Please see below for the schedule of events.

Please register in advance for all webinars.


Session: Inclusive Clubs Workshop
Date: 7 December 2020 
Time: 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm 
This session will focus on innovative ways to increase participation by exploring the principles of diversity and inclusion.
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Session: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention for Sports Clubs
Date: 19 January 2021 
Time: 7.00 pm 
This session will point groups in the direction of effective recruitment and retention to attract a variety of demographics and understand volunteer motivations, and how to manage volunteer expectations.

Session: Council Grants and Contributions Information Session
This session with assist clubs to learn more about Council's Grants and Contributions Program, learn tips and techniques on how to write a competitive grant application and talk to Council officers about your grant ideas and next steps.

Session: Making the most of club marketing and promotion
This session will review and build on the diversity and inclusion principles and how these can be incorporated into club marketing and promotion to make clubs more appealing to a wider audience.

Session: Conversations with Murrindindi Shire Clubs
An opportunity to meet other club leaders and committee members, to share ideas, and enjoy a hot cuppa.

Session: Doing Sport Differently
A look at strategies and actions to increase participation in sport and recreation by people who are less active.

Session: Recognitions and Celebrations
A chance to come together to recognize and celebrate club leaders, volunteers, committees and the years successes

Resource Bank


  • Update your clubs contact information in our Community Directory
  • Doing Sport Differently from Vicsport
  • This Girl Can from VicHealth 
  • Change our Game supporting women in sport
  • Valley Sport Marketing Workshop designed to break marketing practices down and relate them to your local club setting
  • Modified Sports Modified sports can take many forms but are generally designed to introduce—or to be a more accessible version of—a sport. Programs may focus on children, mature-age participants, persons with disability, the time poor, or people looking for more social (less competitive) opportunities. Read more on the Clearinghouse for Sport
  • Reconnect with your club through councils Connecting the Pieces shire-wide collaborative art project. Reconnect with your club and design your very own over-sized puzzle piece that represents your participants stories. Represent your story using paint, pencils or even a collage. There are no rules – so get creative!
  • Why Women Coaches Matter - WCA Launch Event 2020, 23 November. Join the co-founders of the Women's Coaching Association (WCA), Aish Ravi and Julia Hay, for a free online webinar about women in coaching roles across all sports 
  • VicHealth wants us all to encourage boys to break free of outdated rules on how to be a man, so they can build respectful relationships and lead healthier lives. These two videos apply the best practices from VicHealth 
    • Working with young men and boys? Share this video
    • Working with schools, sports organisations and youth workers who work with boys and men? Share this video.
Recognitions and Celebrations
  • Nominations are now open for the Good Sports Awards 2020—the Good Sports Awards recognise the strong clubs and dedicated people who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be. Strong clubs and dedicated people are with us in the good times and help us get through the tough times. Nominate your club today. (Good Sports nominations close December 2020)

    Volunteer Engagement and Governance

    • Club Development from SportAUS
    • Fair Play Code from Sport and Recreation Victoria
    • Sports Administration and Governance - A free series covering the seven biggest problems facing cubs: planning, committee structure, volunteer programs, financial management, revenue generation, membership & sponsorship, and succession planning
    • Sport Australia has launched new Governance Principles 2020. Watch the Sport Governance 2020 video and get the tools, resources and education from Sport Australia Governance
    • Sport Australia has launched a new podcast. The first series will focus on the recently released Sport Governance Principles, a resource to help Australia’s sporting leaders – many of them volunteers – face the current challenges of COVID-19 and to build a stronger sporting future 
    • Register your club with We Volunteer and Volunteering Victoria will match your volunteer roles with volunteers that share similar interests, skills and passions 


    • Council Community Grants help communities in many ways including to create participation opportunities to improve health and wellbeing
    • Council Quick Response Grants provide essential, urgent support to not-for-profit community groups and organisations 
    • The Victorian Government's Change Our Game provides grants and funding supports women and girls in sport
    • Good Sports have compiled a set of resources including a Grants Calendar and Club Fundraising Toolkit
    • Sports and Recreation Victoria provide a range of Grants and Funding to support sport and recreation
    • Current open grants include:
      Aboriginal Sport Participation Grant Program The Aboriginal Sport Participation Grant Program provides grants to assist Aboriginal Victorians to participate in Aboriginal sport carnivals, buy sports uniforms and equipment, as well as funding for travel and accommodation expenses for athletes to compete in state and national competitions. (Closing: 20/12/2020)
      Community Cricket Program the Victorian Government is going in to bat for community cricket again with local clubs and councils now able to apply for funding to develop new or upgrade existing cricket facilities across the state.(Closing: 01/02/2021)
      Shooting sports facilities program The Shooting Sports Facilities Program is a Victorian Government funding program that provides funding support for projects that improve the quality and sustainability of shooting sports facilities and activities across Victoria. (Closing: 16/02/2021)
      Emergency Sporting Equipment Grant Program grassroots sport and active recreation clubs and organisations to replace essential sporting or first aid equipment (Closing: 30/06/2021)
      Community Motorsport Program  first dedicated motorsport investment program that provides grant opportunities through two funding categories (Closing: 30/06/2022)

    • Significant sporting events program helps sporting, community and event organisations to deliver significant sporting events in Victoria (Closing: 30/06/2022)
    • Future proofing Community Sport & Recreation facilities:  A roadmap for climate change management for the sport and recreation facilities sector. This free guide is set to empower, equip and motivate the sport and recreation community to take action today for our clean tomorrow. You can find out more here


    • Return to Play - Restrictions for Victoria from Sport and Recreation Victoria and DHHS
    • Safely Restart your Season with Good Sports
    • Eve Learning are offering two FREE 20 minute e-learning courses about staying safe from coronavirus (COVID-19) and the correct use of PPE  for community service workers and volunteers. The COVID Safe and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) courses provide key information and practical guidance for community services staff. Click here to learn more about Eve Learning or register for the courses by clicking here
    • The SALT Club Re-Connect Program is an interactive, online presentation that digs deep into how your club community is traveling right now and equips you to support one another into the future. Through a newly developed and highly informative live quiz, the SALT presenter will establish what the main issues are for each group and will flexibly respond, teach, and connect

    Good Sport Survey Results

    In August 2020, Council carried out a Good Sport Initiative survey targeting sporting clubs across Murrindindi Shire. In total, 28 sporting clubs participated in the survey and we are pleased to share some of the highlights and key findings with you. Click here(PDF, 43KB) to read more about the Good Sport survey results. 

    The information gathered from the survey will assist Council in implementing the next phase of the Good Sport Initiative. This includes

    • developing a multi-stage, comprehensive and hands-on approach to addressing key issues identified by clubs including participation, volunteering and inclusion 

    • streamlining the process to access COVID-19 recovery grants, assisting clubs with their return to ‘COVID Normal’ 

    • working with key Victorian sport and health organisations to increase their presence in Murrindindi Shire 

    • continually updating the Good Sport Initiative web pages with relevant grants and club development information